A Cost-Effective Plan for Managing Violence in the Kidney Care Setting

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Healthcare workers face an increased likelihood of being a victim of workplace violence, as compared to workers in other industries. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), the increased risk factors stem from the:

  • Prevalence of handguns and other weapons among patients, their families or friends
  • Availability of drugs or money at hospitals, clinics and pharmacies, making them likely robbery targets
  • Isolated work with clients during examinations or treatment

Healthcare facilities, including kidney care facilities, must have procedures in place to train staff on proper responses to such disturbances to reduce the risk of violence, injury and even death to staff members and patients. This paper identifies strategies and tools for managing security risks with minimal associated costs. Once implemented, a safety program will dramatically improve your organization’s awareness of risks and the underlying factors of volatile incidents, allowing you to implement practical solutions which should further reduce the likelihood of a violent act occurrence.