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Every day our specialists are focused on risk management insurance and benefits & HR solutions for wholesaler-distributors. This client-centered focus is designed to keep our finger on the pulse of industry news and developing issues.  As we discover relevant resources about hot topics and trends, we share them with you to help optimize your research time and efforts.

  • Selecting the Right Broker Leads to Great Results [ Case Study]

    A global logistics company with 30 international locations and a diverse business interviewed multiple insurance brokers. Their decision to interview brokers was driven by their current broker’s lack of international presence and expertise, but they thought they were getting good results on their domestic program. The company narrowed down their choice to two options: Gallagher and one of our largest competitors. They chose Gallagher because we actually addressed specific problems we would fix in their insurance program, rather than only talking about our capabilities. They recognized that “biggest isn’t always the best” in their own business and believed this concept would apply to insurance brokers too.

  • CORE360™ Boosts Your Risk Management Program and Saves You Money [ Case Study]

    Gallagher partners with NAW to serve the wholesale distribution industry. We recently worked with several NAW members to achieve significant improvements within their business insurance programs.

  • Getting in the Loop — a Defined Process for Becoming and Remaining a Destination Employer [ Article]

    Bill Ziebell discusses how four interdependent elements of an integrated compensation and benefits strategy work together to help employers get continued high performance from their workforce, without incurring prohibitively higher costs.

  • Actively Managing Risk for Long-Term Sustainability — Looking Beyond Insurance Limits and Premiums [ Article]

    Bill Ziebell and Mike Pesch discuss how to effectively manage overall risk for long-term sustainability by assessing the significance of specific risks that include human capital as well as property and casualty concerns. They also explore the use of risk surveys to create risk maps that provide a quick-reference guide for insights into the state of an organization’s risk management program, individually, or from an industry perspective.

  • Three Key Factors for Engaging Employees to Help Drive the Bottom Line [ Article]

    David Rowlee and Chris Dustin discuss why it’s important for employers to identify and evaluate key drivers of employee engagement each year. They also examine key drivers common among many employers today — including their employees’ perception of strong senior leadership, confidence in having pathways to learn and grow within their organization, and sense of fair compensation.

  • Private Exchanges Offer Employees More Choices and Help Control Healthcare Costs [ Article]

    Rick Strater, Ansu Kpandeyenge and Caroline Melson discuss how private exchanges can help resolve the dilemma of providing benefits that fit diverse workforce needs and preferences, including an increasing expectation for personalization, while keeping rising costs in check.