Reduce your risk and simplify your training with CORE360™ Loss Control Portal

Easily accessible training programs and educational materials for employees are critical to reducing accidents, saving valuable time and minimizing your risk.

Gallagher’s CORE360™ Loss Control Portal simplifies administration of your safety programs and keeps employees up to date with the latest safety standards. For a small annual fee, choose up to 10 from a library of over 100 training modules and safety shorts tailored to your business’s needs.

What Clients are Saying

Testimonial 1

"The modules are awesome and opened up a whole new world of educational opportunities for us."


Testimonial 2

"The system is refreshingly simple."


Testimonial 3

“The web platform is great. Having employees at jobsites all over makes it difficult to train everyone in one place at the same time.”


Testimonial 4

“The training contains an abundance of meaningful information. It was easy to follow and I found the short slide presentation format very easy to use.”


Testimonial 5

“We use these modules post employee incident and I appreciate having them in my toolkit. I plan to assign them for preventive education too.”


 Your Organization Can Access:

  • HR Training Modules to efficiently train your workforce on topics including Sexual Harassment and Discrimination, Violence Prevention, Drug-Free Workplace and more.
  • Safety Training Modules, each running 10–25 minutes, can be administered in an online or group setting and include a quiz after completion to ensure maximum retention.
  • Safety Shorts that take only 5 minutes to complete on topics ranging from Electrical Safety, Fire Prevention and Protection, to Lockout/Tagout and more.
  • Monthly Bulletins can be sent to employees with useful safety articles relevant to your industry and the common day-to-day risks of your work environment. Onboard and train an unlimited amount of users across multiple locations while enhancing your overall risk control program.

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CORE360™ is our unique, comprehensive approach of evaluating your risk management program that leverages our analytical tools and diverse resources for customized, maximum impact on six cost drivers of your total cost of risk.

We consult with you to understand all of your actual and potential costs, and the strategic options to reallocate these costs with smart, actionable insights. This will empower you to know, to control and to minimize your total cost of risk and improve your profitability.