Reducing Workers Compensation Risks for Clients

Our focus is not only about finding the right workers compensation solutions and programs for you but working to ensure that they deliver strong results to help improve your organization’s operational and financial challenges. 

Below are some examples of client success stories:

Workers Compensation Case Study: National Company with Escalating Issues in California

Our client, a national company, experienced particularly bad losses in California, which is regarded as one of the most difficult jurisdictions for employers in regards to workers compensation results.

The Gallagher claims experts assembled a program of high-end claim management protocols focusing on aggressive claim resolution. They also interviewed adjusters, supervisors and managers from other Gallagher offices in the state as well as several attorneys across California.

After a rigorous selection process, the claims advocate rolled out the right team and protocols to address the problem with an aggressive defense posture. This program was designed to drive down reserves, thoroughly investigate claims and move them toward disposition. Within six months of implementation, the client's loss experience was reduced by 30 percent via claim closures- effectuating settlements well below the prior reserves and utilizing aggressive negotiation techniques and strategies.