Convocation 2022

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Convocation 2022: May 10-12, Hotel Monteleone, New Orleans, LA

Welcome to our Convocation 2022 website! Here you'll find information on the format, history of the event and our 2022 sponsors. This is an invitation-only event for diocesan leaders in temporal administration including: Ordinaries, COOs, CFOs, HR directors, risk managers, IT directors, VAC leaders, Catholic charity leaders, school leaders.

Diocesan Service Providers are the cornerstone of Convocation

Since Gallagher originated Convocation in 2003, its impact has grown with the addition of generous funding from like-minded specialized diocesan consultants and service providers to join in this collaboration. As a consortium, we have been able to pay all the expenses for diocesan leaders invited to this three-day, two evening event, which in 2022 will be in the French Quarter of New Orleans!