Keynote Speakers

Dan Cellucci, Chief Executive Officer, Catholic Leadership Institute

  • Talk Title "The 5 Mistakes Diocesan Business Leaders make when working with Priests"
  • Dan serves as the leader of CLI, where the team supports Catholic Leaders to lead like Jesus with a focus on excellence, care for the individual and a deep love for Christ and the Church.
  • Website:

Rick Popp, Leadership Consultant, Missionary, Partner Boyden US, Retired HR

  • Talk Title "Leadership Excellence in the Church — It is Possible!"
  • Rick is a Leadership consultant, advisor, trusted partner with a passion for helping leaders, teams, and organizations achieve their business/team mission and personal goals in a healthy way. Since 2018 when he retired after 28 years as Executive Director, HR, at Ford Motor Company Rick has referenced "Acts XXIX” in his unleashing the power of the Gospel, and equipping ordained and lay leaders in order to rebuild and mobilize the Church for mission.
  • The Mission Guys podcast
  • Senior Advisor, Leadership Consulting, with Boyden
  • Author of The Game of a Lifetime: 9 Lessons for Young Athletes (and Everybody Else) to Achieve Real Success in Sports, Career, Family, and Life
  • Website:

Workshop Highlights

  • A variety of presentation styles will be utilized including
  • Presentation, Panel, Roundtable and Discussion, as we lift up diocesan success stories!
  • Diocesan Lay Leadership Perspective — Panel
  • Diocesan Risk Managers' FORUM
  • Captives and Diocesan Success
  • Property Risk Mitigation & Financing Strategies
  • Parish Consolidation & Parish Cemetery Liabilities
  • Insights of Success on Diocesan Defined Contribution Strategy
  • Data and Analytics — Diocesan Holistic View
  • Up to 70% of Technology Projects fail in whole or part: How to Ensure Project Success
  • Trends affecting exposures of dioceses/parishes and dioceses/institutes and especially a way to anticipate (and maybe prevent or minimize risk).
  • Diocesan Investment Outlook and Opportunities
  • Parish, School, Ministries Audits — A Holistic Approach
  • AI (Artificial Intelligence) and Diocesan Human Resources
  • Parish Sustainability - Successful Models in light of declining attendance and increases in Overhead Expenses
  • Cyber Security and the Diocesan Enterprise
  • Transitioning to Family of Parishes | Consolidation
  • Talent Development and Talent Acquisition for Parishes and our Catholic Schools
  • Performance Management and Succession Planning - Co-Responsibility and a New Culture of Leadership
  • Effective Template Model Education - Parishes/Schools for Construction Projects
  • Medicare Transition Strategies - Clergy, Lay Benefit Trends for the Church
  • Motivating Pastors | Bridging the Gap between Chancery and Parishes
  • What does an Effective Claims Management Program Look Like?