Gallagher’s Aviation team is the one of the largest commercial aviation insurance teams in the U.S. We have grown our business through our demonstrated commitment to help our clients in all dimensions of aviation insurance and risk management.
Serving all aspects from personal to commercial aviation and aircraft insurance

At Gallagher we work with all aspects of commercial aviation including: aircraft, private jet services, municipal airports, hangers, flight schools, charter operators MRO operations and ground handlers. We have honed a practice of global aviation specialists covering aviation and aerospace insurance brokerage, benefits consulting, risk management and non-traditional risk transfer to help our clients in the commercial aviation space. Our expertise expands the aviation sector and includes these areas:

  • Agricultural aviation
  • Aircraft management companies
  • Airline programs
  • Aviation and aerospace specialty coverage and risk solutions
  • Claims and loss evaluation and control
  • Helicopter operations
  • Light aircraft
  • Private transport aircraft and fixed-base aviation operations
Full spectrum of aviation insurance services

For every make and model that you fly, we provide the coverage you need beyond your aircraft as well, from builders risk insurance for your homebuilt aircraft to hangar insurance. Coverages we specialize in include:

  • Piston/turbine aircraft Insurance
  • Homebuilt aircraft insurance
  • Light sport aircraft insurance
  • Experimental aircraft insurance
  • Amphibious aircraft insurance
  • Non-owned aircraft insurance
  • CFI insurance
  • Hangar insurance
  • Drone/UAV insurance
Finding risk exposure in the details

Our overall knowledge of the aviation and insurance industries combined with our approach consistently yields increased protection for our clients. Traditional brokerages sell products that cover the basics, while we know where to look for gaps that others miss.

Expertise on emerging and unknown risks
From social engineering to gas leaks to cyber threats, we help you navigate through unknown and potential risks to protect your employees, passengers and overall business. We tap into Gallagher’s other coverage and insurance offerings to develop comprehensive programs that provide you significantly better coverage. Some of these unusual risks include:

Environmental liability
- Exposures from gas and other environmental hazards can create a potentially devastating loss to any business. We have solutions keep you protected from potential catastrophic loss.

Cyber liability - Hackers have become more sophisticated on ways to infiltrate your business. From invading drone systems to social engineering, now more than ever being protected from cyber threats is essential to keep your business up and running.

Exclusive consulting services the support your overall business

As part of our commitment to you, we provide services that help you meet more than your insurance challenges but help support your overall business. These services include:

  • Dedicated claims advisor. Our claims expert is a former pilot with over 20 years of experience in the Aviation industry. His knowledge of coverage allows us to work with our carrier partners from a position of strength and knowledge.
  • The latest underwriter insight. The Gallagher Aviation team maintains close relationships with the leading executives and underwriters of the biggest Aviation carriers. We make an annual visit to each carrier to hear their first-hand their plans on rates and coverage are for the coming year-giving you a competitive advantage with accurate knowledge about pricing.
  • Aviation contract review. This service aids you in contract analysis to make sure you are well positioned in your overall business, not just insurance. 
  • Emergency response planning. We help you develop disaster preparedness plan so you are ready to respond in the case of an emergency.
  • Crisis communication. Our team provides media training to help you be prepared in case of an aviation disaster. This includes on camera interview training as well as messaging management.

Aviation Practice Summary

  • Insight from leading aviation underwriters
  • Gallagher supported network
  • Dedicated claims advisor

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