To assist employers in explaining to their employees how measurement, administrative & stability periods will be used to determine eligibility for health benefits, Gallagher has developed a set of FAQs for employers to consider distributing to their employees.

Within this document is sample language that may be used when communicating information about measurement, administrative, and stability periods. Please consider cutting, pasting, and modifying the following FAQs as appropriate. Consider using your organization’s preferred header; however, we have provided a generic header. As you will notice, we have highlighted the areas of the draft that must be customized by using a red font. Moreover, we understand that every situation is different and that the draft language may not meet your particular needs.

In particular, employers with special circumstances such as educational employees and firefighters should consider some additional optional FAQs, and employers will wish to customize the applicable dates for measurement and stability periods. As such, we advise that your Legal and/or HR Departments review the suggested language and modify it to meet your particular needs. 

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