As part of our Workforce Trends Report Series, this addendum highlights key findings and implications based on the responses of 1,214 small businesses that participated in our 2022 Benefits Strategy & Benchmarking Survey.  

Keeping small businesses thriving posed a big challenge in 2020-2021. But through versatility and flexibility, many adapted, endured and emerged intact.

As their employees continue to deal with excess stress, small businesses are improving their wellbeing strategies. They're finding ways to better communicate and engage employees to improve participation in wellbeing programs. And they're focused on providing access to more affordable care to promote health, support productivity and stay competitive.

Key highlights

Our research found the top HR priorities include:

  1. Retaining talent
  2. Attracting talent
  3. Creating a strong culture

And the top operational priorities include:

  1. Retaining talent
  2. Growing revenue or sales
  3. Ensuring business continuity

Creating a culture that promotes respect for the values and priorities of the workforce, including flexibility, will help small businesses retain and attract talent.

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