This two-part webinar series looks at the post-pandemic culture shift and at duty of care, from a hospitality-industry perspective.

This Be Our Guest Global Panel Series looks at how the pandemic has impacted all hospitality industry organizations — including hotels, leisure, restaurants, gaming and others— and more importantly, at what industry employers need to consider to fully engage all stakeholders as they emerge from the pandemic.

Culture is the answer

The culture and ethos of hospitality and restaurant employers have indelibly shifted in the pandemic's wake, creating a historic disruption to the employee, guest and community relationship. It's vital for industry employers to carefully assess their post-pandemic culture and reset the employee value promise in a manner that reflects stakeholder expectations and assures business success.

Hear about the importance of organizational culture in the context of this rapidly changing and challenging landscape.

Speakers: Gallagher's Sally Earnshaw, Mark Orzechowski and Christine Hoehne

Webinar Length: 29 minutes

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Duty of care

Duty of care expectations and requirements uniquely impact hospitality and restaurant employers through the convergence of their business operations, employees, guests and communities in which they serve. In a post-pandemic world, core duty of care principals take on a broader scope when considering the health, safety and wellbeing of all employees — not just those who are traveling.

This conversation is about the practice of this important concept, the lessons we have learned in 2020, and what we can expect for 2021 and beyond.

Speakers: Gallagher's Dave Richter, Mark Orzechowski and Christine Hoehne

Special guest: Dr. Myles Druckman, M.D. , International SOS

Webinar Length: 30 minutes

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