Are you ready for the year ahead?

Faced with divided workforces, shortages in global talent, political turmoil and economic instability (just to name a few struggles), the role of a global benefits, HR and mobility manager can be a challenge. However, your organization is still moving forward, and the new year is on the horizon. Your goal is to have a smooth close to this year and a successful jump-start on the new one. During that process, you must keep your globally mobile workforce safe through the holiday season, while strategizing what that looks like for the following year.

Your key benefits for the new year should be focused on establishing long-term creative strategies that retain the right talent. Consider developing skills to fill critical gaps through redeployment, reskilling and upskilling your people.

To be prepared, here are some key considerations and actions organizations can take to ensure the success of their global benefits and mobility programs:


At its simplest form, monitoring local and legislative developments will ensure that you are operating your business in compliance.

The more countries you operate in, the more complex and cumbersome it is to keep track of legislative changes. As your workforce starts to work from anywhere, policies and compliance regarding telework will become critical.

Ensure that you have the proper resources to maintain line of sight into compliance and key actions your
organization needs to take to be compliant.

duty of care

Understand the moral, financial and legal risks as well as the different needs of the populations you are sending on assignments, and how your duty-of-care program supports them in a way that is simple to access.

To ensure equity in benefits, employees on assignment should have access to the same standard of care they have in their home country. Emergency assistance must include medical, security and disaster assistance. It's also imperative to have a clear communications process documented and reviewed annually, with rehearsals among the different stakeholders and vendors.

Combine assistance services with layers of insurance, using vendors that have direct billing with the assistance company. Design a simple, clear first- call process to access care 24/7 where the different vendors are integrated seamlessly. Appoint two authorized persons (APs) to work with the assistance/insurance company and make decisions.

Workplace flexibility

Employee engagement is at the forefront. With turnover, quiet quitters and burnout, the future of work requires flexibility from employers to retain and attract their talent.

Hybrid working arrangements go beyond just remote or in the office. It means offering multifaceted flexibility for working parents, mental health days for burnout and losing rigidity regarding working hours.

Best-in-class employers can tailor their benefits and policies to meet employee needs. Review communication and employee engagement tools.

Diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI)

DEI has evolved into many forms, from the diversity of your workforce (gender, race, ethnicity, abilities and disabilities, etc.) to your corporate environment.

Formulating committees within your organization is key to ensuring the wellbeing of your employees. However, wellbeing benefits are a much more robust way to being diverse, inclusive and equitable from a healthcare standpoint.

When you establish a DEI framework coupled with environmental, social, and governance (ESG) initiatives, you're setting your organization up for success. Consider cultural adaptation and secure critical local leadership buy-in.

Mobility policies and procedures Write policies and procedures to ensure clarity of benefits and support when an employee is relocating.

Review policies and procedures to ensure they're aligned with the company's overall strategy and goals for equity, cost control, reducing exceptions, improving compliance and employee experience, efficiency of managing moves, avoiding disputes, clarity, and consistency of approach.

Develop or amend policies and procedures to reflect market best practice and fit for purpose, ensuring effective rollout to contain usage and maintain governance.

Travel tracking Track frequent travelers to ensure compliance and duty of care.

Introduce technology and/or processes to ensure visibility of frequent travelers, including ongoing monitoring of those travelers.

Ensure effective rollout and uptake of technology solutions to ensure governance.

As an extension of your team, we specialize in helping you design, protect and engage your people — no matter where they are — through a comprehensive global benefits and mobility program. Contact your Multinational Benefits and HR consultant at Gallagher today to help you prepare for the year ahead.

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