As part of our Workforce Trends Report Series, this addendum highlights key findings and implications based on 112 energy organizations that participated in our 2023 Benefits Strategy & Benchmarking Survey.

As energy employers continue to be confronted by key dynamics such as regulatory frameworks, economic fluctuations and geopolitical shifts, it's clear that establishing and reinforcing workplace cultural differentiators can significantly help to meet these demands by creating an experience that strengthens employees' attachment to the organization.

In an industry where priorities and challenges vary based on competitive forces, demographics and regional differences, one consistent need is a framework for integrating total rewards and people strategies.

Key highlights

Our research found that the top priorities for energy organizations include:

  1. Enhancing the employee experience and anticipating trends by revisiting the people strategy and applying HR technology
  2. Using preferred benefits and voluntary options to contain costs and increase individual choice
  3. Establishing a path for employee growth, mobility, and engagement by putting into place a dedicated platform for communicating with leaders — and by implementing structured career development programs that highlight opportunities for individual growth
  4. Alleviating financial stress among the workforce and providing relief from money concerns by offering financial wellbeing support and helping employees to make better decisions in today's high-inflation environment

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