Gallagher's paid time off (PTO) market study provided critical context to help leaders avoid fixing the wrong problem.

Author: Thomas Rylko


Client summary

  • Large urban medical facility employing 6,000; younger demographic
  • Trying to control costs
  • Attraction and retention issues
  • Earlier cost-cutting decision resurfaced as a potential employee retention issue

Challenge: Understanding the real issue

In a legacy cost-cutting move, a large medical facility experiencing financial challenges gained the support of employees to cut two days of PTO to help "save the hospital." Fast-forward 10 years, and the facility is in a healthy expansion mode. In focus groups, employees voiced their desire to regain the two forfeited PTO days. Leaders considered reinstating the two PTO days in response to employee requests.

Solution: Gallagher's PTO market study provided context for a competitive new PTO benefit

The Gallagher team completed a PTO market study, revealing to leaders that their organization stood five PTO days below market. The employee satisfaction of regaining two PTO days would have been short-lived — especially in the healthcare sector where staffing shortages fuel a highly competitive labor market.

Results: Better benefit alignment with the market

Leaders adhered to the blended data approach, considering sector market data with the focus group feedback. As a result, the organization aligned itself with the market and increased PTO by a week, strengthening its position to attract and retain talent. The Chief Human Resources Officer and his team saw employee benefit satisfaction scores increase as a result of enhanced communication around the total rewards assessment process.

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