As pandemic concerns subside, K-12 organizations are shifting towards a more strategic approach to managing operations and addressing HR challenges.
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This shift includes prioritizing employee wellbeing and recognition, as well as enhancing HR technologies to help alleviate some of the disruptive effects associated with adaptation and advancement, particularly related to reducing administrative workload.

Carefully evaluating digital platforms and tools is critical, and selection should be based on the ability to efficiently deliver on their potential. Especially from an employee experience perspective, it's also beneficial to provide staff members with resources for exploring health services that offer lower healthcare costs and improved outcomes.

Key highlights

Our research found that the top priorities for K-12 organizations include:

  1. Driving success through informed investments in holistic employee support and a people-centric culture
  2. Creating a productive work environment by advocating for both the emotional and physical wellbeing of educators and other staff
  3. Fostering inclusion can contribute to professional growth and engagement that increases employees' career satisfaction over time
  4. Highlighting initiatives that enhance financial literacy and providing more retirement options can promote sustainability amongst staff such as educators

As part of our Workforce Trends Report Series, Gallagher's K-12 Education industry addendum highlights key findings and implications based on responses from 160 K-12 organizations that participated in our 2024 Benefits Strategy & Benchmarking Survey.

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