Understanding aviation workers compensation issues

Your Gallagher team believes aviation-related workers compensation insurance placement should be handled by aviation account executives who have developed specialty aviation underwriting relationships.

Aviation workers compensation insurance is a core fundamental of Gallagher Aviation’s niche. Our services include:

  • Comparative analysis of client loss rates relative to the national average
  • Claims frequency and cost evaluations tied to situations, events, operational divisions and lag-time reporting
  • Estimated projections for retrospectively-rated programs using historic forecasting along with future-value calculations and considerations
  • Partnering with clients on fraud investigations – working in conjunction with underwriters and claims representatives

Workers Compensation Program Services and Solutions

As part of your Gallagher aviation workers compensation program, we offer you extensive financial and operational analytical detail and support.

  • Claims reviews are conducted not only at a semi-annual or annual timeline but also with supplemental deeper dives we refer to as “Top-End Claims Management”. These evaluations ensure some of the most problematic claims (high costs, significant lost time, repeat claimants, etc.) are “red-flagged” to receive additional oversight, special attention and more frequent reviews.

  • Monthly conference calls are conducted where/when necessary with underwriters, claims teams, loss control representatives and fraud investigators. We’ve found this approach helps to monitor and address risk exposure and challenges more immediately.

  • Full fraud investigative technologies are utilized as needed to conduct more automated bill reviews and other resources to combat your aviation workers compensation fraud potential.