Identify, assess and mitigate your enterprise risks

Today’s food and agribusiness organizations face an increasingly complex set of risks.  Issues such as natural disasters, weather and climate changes, food and feed safety, supply chain disruptions, bioterrorism, security, and a host of other risk exposures can have financially devastating effects if not properly identified and addressed. These risk issues, combined with the continual challenge of driving business performance while dealing with uncertainty, is leading food and agribusiness firms to embed an enterprise-wide risk management process into everyday processes.

The Gallagher Grocery practice is dedicated to protecting our clients, their business, and their employees against financial loss by providing high quality insurance products and programs. Because our specialization in the retail grocery industry dates back to 1969, we understand the needs of independently minded business owners. 

Gallagher Grocery’s extensive experience and expertise in the food industry, as well as our long-standing relationships with our key carrier partners, can provide grocery retailers with programs that are broader and more comprehensive than the standard policies available in the marketplace today.

We offer insurance products for a variety of issues that might arise. Below are some of our coverage offerings:

  • Building, equipment and inventory
  • Business interruption
  • Food spoilage
  • Customer injuries-product liability
  • Liquor and pharmacy liability
  • Robbery and burglary
  • Umbrella liability
  • Business auto
  • Electronic data processing
  • Employment practices liability
  • Workers compensation

In addition, our in-house claim staff provides customer support, including, but not limited to:

  • Claims activity analysis to identify trends
  • Benchmarking information for our clients using our vast industry data
  • Customized claim reporting manuals for each location as well as claim reporting protocols
  • Catastrophe team members typically on-site within 24 hours following any major property loss
  • Claims advocacy, reviews and claims reporting assistance

Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) provides a powerful integrated enterprise-wide framework allowing food and agribusiness organizations to consider the positive and negative implications of risk at all levels of the organization, whether insurable or not. Unlike traditional risk management, ERM deals with all types of risk, such as hazard or event risk, operational risk, strategic risk, and financial risk.

In creating a common language and unified thought process for addressing risk, ERM better positions organizations to make informed decisions on allocating resources to best support their missions. When properly implemented, an enterprise risk management solution enhances organizational resiliency by improving decision making, strengthening governance, preserving scarce resources and supporting a risk intelligent culture.

The Gallagher ERM solutions offer food and agribusiness companies the ability to identify, document and assess operational, hazard, financial and strategic risks as a dedicated discipline. Using a proven methodology and process, we effectively integrate and embed ERM into existing management systems, planning processes and business processes and to apply it on all levels, across and throughout their organizations.

>Our Agribusiness Enterprise Risk Management solutions (PDF)