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Institutional Investment & Fiduciary Services - Weekly Market Update

On Monday, the U.S. Supreme Court asked the U.S. Solicitor General to file a brief on Glenn Tibble et. Al vs. Edison International et al., a case that revolves around Edison International’s accused breach of its fiduciary responsibilities by selecting retail-class shares of an investment fund in its 401(k) plan instead of the lower-cost institutional-class shares. As defined contribution assets continue to grow rapidly, the Supreme Court’s ruling on this case could have far-reaching effects on plans and participants alike.

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Generating a Culture Change Mindset

Mindsets in an organization “rule” culture, actions and performance. It drives where people place their attention, what they actually see, how their biases may determine what they actually see - and ultimately how they react. This webinar offers proven strategies to help enhance your organization's culture and communications.

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Is Your Broker Hungry? Trucking Company Struggles with High Deductible Workers Compensation Renewal

Workers compensation issues are a challenge for nearly every business, but given the activities for trucking employees, the risk could be even higher. A large privately held trucking company was facing a difficult high deductible workers compensation renewal with their insurance broker of 15 years. Forty days before the renewal, the broker delivered a 15% rate increase to their workers compensation premium with no alternative options or additional discussion anticipated with the company to bind their coverage. Were there better options?

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Right Team for the Task: Broadening Transportation Strategy with Independent Contractors

When a large privately held transportation company was forming an “asset light” division to utilize independent contractors - instead of company drivers, they needed a comprehensive insurance coverage program to minimize their risk exposure. However, during the due diligence process of developing this new strategy, the company shared some of their challenges with additional coverage and service issues they were having with their broker of 25 years. Was there an alternative that could effectively support their new operations while addressing their client service concerns?

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Institutional Investment & Fiduciary Services - Weekly Market Update

Federal Reserve Chairwoman Janet Yellen’s press conference debut left equity markets rattled and wary about the expected timing for projected increases in short-term rates. A decision on when to raise rates was further complicated when the Fed announced it had reduced the importance of the unemployment rate. In confronting the need to further scale back and normalize the bond market while fueling the continued economic recovery, the Fed faces several challenges. Now is the time for investors to analyze the risk of their fixed income portfolios.

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Healthcare Reform Update - March 20, 2014

This Article Includes: IRS Releases Final Regulations on Employer and Issuer 6055 and 6056 Reporting Requirements, Employer FAQs: Reporting Requirements Under Sections 6055 and 6056, Sample Employee Communications for Section 6055 and 6056 Reporting Purposes, Checklist - IRS Reporting for Fully-Insured Plans, Checklist - IRS Reporting for Self-Funded Plans, Questions and Answers for Employers

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