Managing your cyber risk in a digital age

Similar to nearly every other company, you’ve probably leveraged the evolution of technology through digitization of your company’s information and communication. But are you at risk?

Whether it’s customer records, employee data, patient information or even student records, most all of this material is now accessible in digital files – transferable through email or to downloadable devices.

Information at your fingertips can come at significant risk to your company and the clients you serve. And you’re not alone. Technology loss related to viruses, hacking, digital defamation and intellectual property infringement is becoming commonplace. We often hear about data security breach issues whether it’s within our government, organization or even at a personal level.  With a robust market for the illegal trading and selling of personal information, identity theft is the fastest-growing white-collar crime in America according to the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Protecting Against Cyber Attacks

Unfortunately many of these new risks are not covered by your existing insurance policies. So what’s the answer? Because technology security is critical – particularly for organizations, it’s become a huge liability if your data (and/or your clients’ information) is compromised or stolen.

Gallagher Cyber Liability Practice experts can help ensure your data doors are locked and provide tailored solutions in the event of a breach to your firewalls and/or other protective structures.  Whether the breach is malicious or unintentional, the penalties can be costly.  With the global Gallagher teams and network, you’ll have coverage you need regardless of where you do business in this digital world.

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