Risk Transfer Solutions

Establishing your best risk management strategy for the risk of Terrorism requires that you evaluate several key considerations: 

  • Assess your risk potential through the use of modelling
  • Recognition of the strength and limitations of governmental programs
  • Determining the level of risk you’re willing to assume
  • Getting the best terms available through the standard market
  • Utilize special programs available in the marketplace

This section focuses on the modeling and special products available through the resources of Arthur J. Gallagher & Co..  Our team of specialists in London possesses the modeling capabilities that will help you assess your level of risk.  Additionally, both our London and domestic teams have unique products designed to fit the specific exposures and risks of business that surround terrorist or workplace violence events.  

Crisis Management - Products Overview

The changing threat of terrorism presents different challenges to businesses when considering risk management and insurance solutions.

To address this evolving risk landscape, we have developed an innovative terrorism model that enables us to analyse a client’s portfolio in full. We are able to look for accumulation of value, proximity to potential terrorist targets and run realistic terrorist scenarios to determine the Probable Maximum Loss (PML), and ultimately allow our clients to address their unique concerns and risks.

We create tailored solutions to suit the individual needs of each our clients. The coverage we can provide includes significant limits for traditional physical damage and business interruption and terrorism liability as well as offering sub limited coverage for Denial of access (including non-damage), Threat, Loss of attraction and Chemical / Biological / Radiological / Nuclear (CBRN) attacks. We can also provide excess coverage for clients that wish to insure to higher limits for these non-damage coverages.

Read our ‘Terrorism facility’ flyer below for more information on the modelling tool and facility benefits. 

Terrorism facility flyer

Every year many violent, armed attacks take place in our schools, churches, hospitals, colleges and universities, theaters, and many other places that should be safe havens. Although a handful of notorious attacks reach the headlines, many others that cause injury and death receive comparatively little publicity.

These attacks often result in little or no physical damage to the property, yet can still result in millions of dollars in uninsured Extra Expense and Loss of Revenue.

Violent Malicious Acts coverage (VMA) insures the Extended Loss of Revenue and/or Extra Expense losses resulting from Violent Malicious Acts resulting in bodily injury at an insured location WITHOUT the requirement for physical damage to the property.

Violent and Malicious Acts Coverage Are You Prepared?

Designed with our clients in mind, the Public Sector Terrorism Plus policy offered by Arthur J. Gallagher & Co. provides unique expansions on commercially available terrorism coverage to better address the true breadth of terrorism exposure to public entities. While traditional property terrorism coverage insures only property damage to buildings owned by the insured, many recent attacks have occurred not in the insured’s buildings, but rather out in the open or in non-owned buildings. Nonetheless, the financial impact to the entity resulting from such attacks can be substantial.

This new and exclusive product insures acts of terrorism occurring anywhere within the borders of the public entity OR at the client’s choice- within 10, 25 or more miles of its borders that cause a loss of tax revenue or extra expense to the entity. If the attack occurs anywhere within the “x” mile radius chosen by the insured, coverage is triggered. 

Public Sector Terrorism Plus Flyer