Many businesses continue to adapt their operations and workforce to COVID-19, whether bringing their employees into the workplace safely or evolving work-from-home or hybrid work strategies. Gallagher is focused on helping you monitor and adjust to these new standards/protocols that can evolve your business continuity plan, and organizational and employee wellbeing.

Gallagher's industry leaders in insurance and risk management, human resources and benefits consulting, and claims management continue to provide guidance and insights to aid your efforts in managing and optimizing your workplace, helping you safeguard what matters most as you face the future with confidence.

Preserving people's health and safety

Whether we return to the workplace, work from home or have a hybrid mix of days "in-office" and remote, organizations need to think strategically about how employees can stay focused and healthy, both short and long term. This strategy includes putting a spotlight on employee communications, total rewards and benefit solutions, and overall organizational wellbeing. If organizations put people first, employees will be able to thrive in a remote, in-office or hybrid environment, while putting forth the effort and trust needed to help the organization move forward.

Watch this video to find out how Gallagher is helping one client take care of its workers during COVID-19.

Gallagher is here to provide insights that help people to continue to work remotely or return to the workplace confidently, safely and efficiently.

Navigating compliance amid COVID-19

During the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses faced unprecedented disruption in a short period. New state and federal mandates, stimulus packages, healthcare plans updates and regulatory reporting changes have added stress to employers in an already stressful time. The pandemic's rapid, significant impacts on our economy, organizations and people have created a risk of accidental mismanagement that might be unprecedented.

Gallagher offers guidance to help you identify your most important concerns, maximize your resources, stay compliant and prioritize your employees to ensure overall organizational and employee wellbeing.

Guiding business and education through the new normal

As COVID-19 continues to affect businesses and organizations, each sector will have its own set of hurdles and difficulties to manage. By developing detailed business continuity plans, mitigating risk exposure and supplying employees with the tools needed to return to the workplace safely, businesses can prosper amidst uncertainty.

Gallagher offers guidelines and insights to help navigate reopening and returning to the workplace.

COVID-19 Resources Archive

Access our past guidance, processes and insights to help you face the future with confidence.

Government Resources

Bookmark these recommended healthcare and government resources for additional guidance with the COVID-19 pandemic recovery. These are national or international resources and are not associated with Gallagher.