Insights from Gallagher’s HR & Benefits Technology Consulting Practice

Author: Rhonda P. Marcucci, CPA

Like most 2020 events, the HR Technology Conference and Exposition was virtual this year. We missed the energy that comes from face-to-face interaction with other industry thought leaders and with our clients and colleagues, including insurance carriers, technology providers and other industry stakeholders. But there was an upside. In the absence of registration and travel costs, every consultant from Gallagher’s HR and Benefits Technology Consulting practice could attend to hear the keynote and session presenters. COVID-19 was a big theme–to no one’s surprise. We were pleased to find that most have moved past talking about COVID-19 as an “event” to focus on what a workplace looks like in a pandemic-impacted world and how technology can help HR leaders respond to the lasting impact on the workplace.

What’s next and what should be the HR technology response?

It’s still relatively early in the COVID-19 pandemic. Many questions remain with few good answers. There may be no better time to warrant bringing in industry consultants to help make sense of things, based on their wider perspective of what’s going on around the country. Our view is that employee needs (and fears) will drive the market. We advise employers to proactively identify employee needs (ask them!) and then share that information with the HR technology community in the hopes that a sufficient groundswell will drive technology providers to respond. Finally, there’s no question that 2020 has been a stressful year. Most of us are dealing (on some level) with pandemic fear, economic uncertainty, social justice issues, election divisiveness and more. Emotional health in the workplace has never been more important. If your HR team isn’t focused on this now, make this a priority. It will pay off in 2021!

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