Start 2023 strong with 2022’s best advice from Gallagher’s Benefits and Human Resources experts.

Last year, our Gallagher Better WorksSM Insights magazine broke down trends and hot topics in benefits, compensation, retirement, employee communication and work culture. The magazine featured thought leaders from across Gallagher with insights and guidance on supporting the full spectrum of an organization's wellbeing.

Here are five of the most popular articles from last year's magazines to help you take better care of your people, manage risk and nurture a thriving organization in 2023.

1. Help mitigate inflation-related risks with a sustainable total rewards program

Wages in 2022 skyrocketed due to inflation and intense competition for top talent. And today, the Federal Reserve continues to raise its benchmark for interest rates. These conditions could possibly slow the economy and jeopardize organizations' abilities to sustain the revenue needed to cover higher compensation expenses.

Get insights into the risks associated with economic pressures and help your organization approach total rewards more sustainably.

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2. Personalize the hiring process to find and keep executive talent

Executives — like most other employees — had ample job options in last year's labor market. The Great Resignation reignited conversations about the importance of recruiting top leaders and giving them meaningful reasons to stay at their organizations.

Secure executive talent by gearing the hiring process directly to your candidates' unique professional and personal goals.

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3. Continue to reexamine your people strategies, even when under-resourced

Last year, HR teams were faced with competing priorities in an environment where employees' needs and expectations had radically changed. Hybrid work, a volatile labor market, and diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) concerns spurred them to retool their people strategy.

Identify and meet the rapidly changing demands of your people today — while still having a bird-eye view of your organization's future success.

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4. Remember that salary equity is just one piece of the total rewards puzzle

Competing successfully for top talent across generations requires a stronger and steadier focus on equity. Meeting your people's needs goes beyond pay, so organizations that succeed at promoting fair compensation often do so with a holistic look at their total rewards strategies.

Build an inclusive employee experience and enhance your talent management strategies with people-first policies and practices.

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5. Take a holistic approach to managing costs for diabetes care and other chronic conditions

Diabetes management has direct and indirect costs — physical, emotional and financial — for individuals and organizations alike. There are tangible benefits to taking a comprehensive approach and offering preventive resources for these conditions as a part of your benefits plan.

Help keep your healthcare costs manageable by taking steps to improve your people's healthcare outcomes.

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Let's get you set up for success in 2023

It's more important than ever to make the right strategic investments in your employees' health, financial wellbeing and career growth with a holistic focus on organizational wellbeing. Together, we can unlock the full potential of your organization and workforce with strategies geared toward the complex, high-stakes change we're seeing in today's world of work.

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