The Gallagher Construction Services team partners with you to identify, analyze and evaluate your current risk management processes, reduce exposures and address current staffing shortages to drive own your total cost of risk. Our comprehensive approach paired with superior industry expertise manages your risk from every perspective by building tailored a program to fit your needs and help you compete in the marketplace.
"We hired Gallagher less than a year ago, but in that short time I already consider them not just the best broker, but one of the best service providers our firm has ever had. The team took the time to look at the big picture and closely examine Pike in order to help us with various issues that could inhibit our firm’s successful growth. Through our partnership, they have also introduced us to numerous companies to joint venture with and technology firms to further enhance our internal systems."  – James Banner, VP Pike Corporation

Key Benefits
of Partnering with Gallagher’s Construction Team:

Solutions created for contractors’ specific risks.
Learn how to reduce your overall cost of risk by designing a customized surety, insurance and risk management program to address current staffing shortages and prepare your business for future challenges.

Evaluate your current risk management program using CORE360™, our comprehensive approach that leverages our analytical tools and diverse resources to identify exposures based on six cost drivers of risk.

Discover new and innovative contract surety coverages that adapt to an evolving marketplace.

Gain a competitive advantage by investing your dollars where they can make the most difference for your business.

Coverage for all construction project sizes.
"As a Mechanical/Electrical Contractor, we requested the help of the Gallagher Construction team to redesign our insurance program. Gallagher was able to include enhanced coverages and increased limits on General Liability, Automobile, and Umbrella. As a result of the new program, we received an overall program savings of 37% or $1.9M over a 5 year period." Leo Sniger, ESH