Business success is a function of the people you employ and how engaged they are with your organization. That level of engagement is linked to employee wellbeing and health. When you develop benefit and HR programs that support a changing, multidimensional workforce, you’ll create a culture that’s focused on organizational health and your employees’ total wellbeing.
Workplace Culture

High-performing organizations know they must create a culture that engages and promotes the wellbeing of their workforce. Thriving employees can reduce your organizational risk because they often cost less in annual benefits spend, take less time off, perform and produce at high levels, and spark your organization’s competitiveness and success. During periods of low unemployment, employers compete to retain their employees and attract top talent through the culture they have built and benefits offered.

Gallagher begins by gaining an understanding of your organization’s culture through a broad discovery process that takes your company culture, business model, objectives, workforce demographics and population health into account. Together, we’ll build a long-range philosophic vision that enhances your culture and inspires employees to deliver their best.

Integrated Wellbeing Strategy

By focusing on the physical, social, emotional, financial and career wellbeing of your employees, you can maximize your business and operational excellence to become a better workplace. One that attracts retains and engages remarkably talented contributors.

At Gallagher, we take a strategic approach to wellness and engagement consulting. We go beyond traditional wellness to help organizations evaluate and create the right mix of wellbeing initiatives. This includes reviewing how wellbeing initiatives integrate with your workers compensation and safety programs. We work with clients of all sizes and industries to develop customized solutions that support each organization’s unique employer value proposition.

A key driver to a compressing healthcare costs and engaging with your team is having a solid wellbeing strategy as your foundation. Our consultants advise on innovative methods to help lower costs and strengthen their corporate culture.

The Right Resources at the Right Time

We help you efficiently deploy resources which make the most impact on your overall employee value proposition. In doing so, we can help you select and manage – or better take advantage of – the wellbeing resources you need so that your employees have access to the right resources, right when they need them. When your employees thrive personally and professionally, your organization flourishes.

Wellness and Engagement Consulting summary

  • Integrated solutions for all areas of organizational wellbeing – physical, emotional, financial, career and community 
  • Workplace wellbeing inventory and culture assessment
  • Customized wellbeing strategies and measures of success
  • Wellbeing resource selection and management