Insurance and risk-management advice

We provide insurance and risk-management advice for thousands of motor trade businesses, from sole traders and small family-run firms to some of the largest franchisees and global businesses.

Our motor trade insurance brokers have hundreds of years of experience between them. They only deal with the motor trade, so they understand your business, your risks, your liabilities and your insurance needs, which may explain our 90% customer retention rate in 2017.

Your motor trade car insurance needs may be complex or simple: it makes no difference to us. We can tailor a broad, robust package of automotive insurance which is right for your business. We could arrange a single policy and renewal date, with simple premiums and flexible payment options, all at a competitive price.

Motor trade businesses

We can look after the insurance needs of a range of motor trade businesses, including vehicle manufacturers (for all vehicle types, parts and associated motor manufacturing) and retailers, from independent single-site businesses to main dealer groups (pre-owned or new).

We also arrange cover for aftermarket businesses involved in post-sale maintenance (whether servicing, routine maintenance, MOT testing, accident repairs, or restoration); motor sport (from amateurs to F1, track days, race teams, circuits and marshals, plus some of the largest composite manufacturers, regulatory bodies and global racing teams) and research & development centres for new vehicles, engines, body types, materials and emerging fuel sources.

We work hard to build advantageous relationships with the leading specialist motor trade insurers and underwriters. Whatever your risks, our trade car insurance and risk management advice could help to protect your business.

For further information and to request a quote please visit our website.

Motor trade insurance summary

  • Free audit to work out what motor trade car insurance you need
  • We’ll design an insurance policy around your own business needs
  • Don’t pay for more or less trade car insurance than you need
  • Option to spread the cost with monthly payments

As a well-established motor trade insurance broker, we are accredited by, recommended by or work closely with several leading automotive and motor trade organisations: see our brochure for a full list. This helps to understand your risks and concerns: from Brexit to the challenges of repairing and maintaining new vehicle types such as hybrid, electric, connected and autonomous (driverless) cars.