MID updates are essential for anyone working in the motor trade industry. Whether buying, leasing, or selling vehicles, you must ensure every car registered in your name is insured. Without adequate insurance, you and your business are at risk.

In this guide, we’ll outline everything you need to know, including how to avoid police stops and DVLA fines by updating the MID.

What is the Motor Insurance Database (MID)?

The Motor Insurance Database (MID) records all insured vehicles in the UK. The police and the DVLA use this database to identify uninsured and stolen vehicles.

When you add a car to MID, you’re letting the Motor Insurance Bureau know that you’re the registered owner of a vehicle and it’s insured. It means that the DVLA or police can quickly see details about the owner and whether a policy is present. If the owner isn’t insured or the vehicle is stolen, they can prosecute drivers under motor insurance laws.

Why is it essential to update the MID?

The MID ensures that every registered vehicle has an owner and is insured. Therefore, you should add any vehicle you own under your motor trade insurance policy to the database.

If you drive a vehicle not included in the database, the police may stop you. You may be at risk of seizure of your vehicle1. Seizure of your vehicle will carry a fixed penalty notice of £100.

Even if you’ve bought a car to sell and don’t intend on driving it, you still need to update the MID. The reason is that it’s registered in your possession. To avoid potential legal issues, update the MID immediately after purchasing a vehicle.

Similarly, you must update the MID if you’ve sold a vehicle to avoid fixed penalties and fines.

Which vehicles should I add to the MID?

If a car, motorbike, or van is registered in your name, you must add the vehicle to the MID database.

Untaxed stock vehicles driven with trade plates are exempt from the MID. However, you still need to add trade plates to the MID.

Vehicles you need to add to the MID:

  • Purchased vehicles and vehicles registered in your name.
  • Trade plates.

Vehicles you don’t need to disclose to the MID:

  • Vehicles declared off-the-road/SORN.
  • Customers’ vehicles — these should already feature on the MID under the customer’s name.

Who is responsible for MID updates?

Policyholders are responsible for MID updates.

In some instances, the insurer will update the MID, or they may provide you with an online portal to do it yourself. You may want to speak to your insurer first to determine how they carry out MID updates.

At Gallagher, we’re happy to complete MID updates on your behalf subject to annual charge of £35. Just call us with the vehicle details, and we’ll process the request to have it added or removed from the database.

When do I need to update the MID?

Whenever you buy or sell a vehicle, it’s crucial to complete a MID insurance update. Usually, there’s a grace period of 14 days for both transactions. That said, we recommend updating the database as soon as possible.

If you don’t add a vehicle to the MID database and drive it on the road, the police may stop you. It could also result in legal action.

How do I update the MID?

There are two ways to make MID updates:

  1. Online portal — after taking out motor trade cover, you’ll receive login details for an online portal. The insurer should give you a step-by-step guide to updating the MID with information about removing or adding vehicles.
  2. Call Gallagher — At Gallagher, we’re happy to complete MID updates on your behalf subject to annual charge of £35. Just call us with the vehicle details, and we’ll make sure it’s added or removed from the database.

If you’re using an online portal, note that you can’t change existing details on the MID. Use the portal to check the details of a vehicle first. If they’re wrong, you’ll want to inform the insurer before adding the vehicle’s details. Therefore, it’s generally easier to choose an insurer that handles MID updates for you.

Choose Gallagher, and you’ll have access to our dedicated MID updates team. Simply call us on 01625 865 465 to speak to an agent, and we’ll update the MID for an annual charge of £35.

How long does it take to update the MID?

The time it takes to update the MID all depends on the insurer. Some insurers update the database once a week, while others have dedicated teams that schedule updates daily. In most cases, the MID is updated within 48 hours.

Why choose Gallagher?

Gallagher is one of the leading motor trade insurance providers. Our dedicated motor trade team is committed to finding you a suitable insurance policy for your business, with comprehensive cover for day-to-day risks.

Our work includes ensuring the MID is up-to-date with every vehicle you own or have sold. To speak with a member of our MID team, call us on 01625 865 465, and we’ll take care of the rest.

If you’re interested in purchasing a motor trade insurance policy with us, call one of our specialists on 0800 062 2312 or get a quote online in minutes.