December 2023


Executive summary

Concussion claims in the National Football League (NFL) and Rugby Union continue to make headlines, as players seek compensation for debilitating and potentially life-changing injuries. At the same time, sports clubs and associations are working hard to address vulnerabilities before they result in injury and harm.

Payouts in sports injury lawsuits have increased dramatically in recent years. During the 2019 season, an estimated USD521 million was paid out to NFL sidelined players for concussions.1 And in 2018, the National Basketball Association (NBA) spent an estimated USD125 million on injured players, including an individual claim worth nearly USD40 million for a player with a knee injury.

But many injuries can be prevented. This article unpacks some of the latest trends in sports injury prevention, including growing mental health awareness and new opportunities that better data and analytics present. Other major trends include the unique nature of injury risks in women's contact sports and the impact of environmental stressors, including climate and field conditions.


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