Strategy Supercharged

Creating clear alignment around your corporate goals and setting the tone for the next phase of your journey.

In the past few years, that’s changed. Radically. With all the uncertainty and volatility we’ve been through in the past few years (and which is only going to get more intense), businesses need to be ready to adapt to new working practices, unexpected market shifts and ongoing global upheaval.

This means that top teams are now having to examine their strategies at least once a year.

Don’t panic. Because this isn’t just possible, it’s preferable to the old way of doing things - it helps your organisation stay more agile, resilient and effective than ever.

But it does mean that any strategy facilitation process needs to be super simple, super efficient and able to arrive at exactly the right direction of travel very quickly.

The pace of change has never been this fast, yet it will never be this slow again.
Justin Trudeau, Canadian Prime Minister

A 5-step approach facilitated in a 1 or 2 day workshop session with your top team

  1. Mega-trends: together with your top team we analyse what’s happening in the market, identify any particular shifts and forecasts we should pay attention to, and pinpoint the mega-trends that are going to actively impact on your performance.
  2. Leverage: next we deploy simple tools to run a quick health check of your business, and use that insight to identify the resources, strengths and skills you can leverage today to make the most of opportunities tomorrow.
  3. Possibilities and priorities: this is where we develop laser focus, selecting the most promising possibilities for improvement and growth while also deciding exactly what we should do to deliver the best return on your investment and effort.
  4. Planning: now for the meaty stuff; we outline the big hairy goals, strategic pillars and areas of focus we will need to build to deliver on those possibilities, as well as the measurements we’ll need to bake in to check if we’re on track.
  5. Culture: finally, we make sure all this lovely planning is actually going to translate into success, by agreeing what your leaders will need to do to create a climate that will make it easy and inspiring for your people to deliver that plan.

Your top team is aligned around the right strategy and knows exactly what it needs to deliver it, in a hyper-efficient way.

We are Gallagher – award winning behaviour change experts and practitioners. Our content is well known for being practically applicable in the live environment, and delivering sustainable results and is steeped in science, psychology, insight and research…

Strategy Facilitation Benefits

  • We are laser focused on ROI – and famous for moving whatever dial is most important to you across multiple people and customer metrics
  • We mean business – we get people involved, engage them in the job to be done, and hold them to account
  • Steeped in science, research and insight, our innovative, creative solutions are easy to grasp, and quick to become part of the fabric of how you communicate
  • With years of accumulated knowledge across multiple sectors and industries, we know exactly what’s required to identify the small changes needed to make a big difference