It pays to look after your employee’s financial wellbeing.
Financial Wellbeing

At this time of unprecedented economic uncertainty, you and your people are facing financial challenges that will be causing huge concern.

While the government’s war-time like steps to underpin the UK economy and support business are greatly welcomed, many people will still be struggling to cope financially.

Coupled with feeling isolated and anxious about the new normal, the challenges your people are facing include understanding:

  • everyday budgeting with less money whilst having to prioritise spending;
  • options for debt repayments, mortgage holidays and rental rights and obligations;
  • the money-saving employee benefits on offer and maximising savings;
  • which sick pay and leave policies apply and how these will be implemented.

Gallagher’s Financial Wellbeing team can support employers with financial education, interactive animations, modelling and budgeting tools, also action planning tools to help your people during these challenging times.