Gallagher is always looking for ways to add value, bring new insight and help you and your organisations to thrive. Having recently welcomed a new team to the fold, we’re excited to introduce Gallagher Culture Change Consulting.
Cultural Wellbeing

Together, they bring over 100 years of collective experience of creating multi award-winning leader led change programmes that deliver sustainable results across people, customer and organisational metrics.

The team have already been active with our corporate clients during the early stages of the pandemic. Through the use of surveys and client discussions they quickly identified that otherwise stable organisations were struggling culturally to manage their rapidly changing landscape. It’s not a surprising find given the massive changes imposed on society at the time and a real challenge for business leaders.

The first job of leadership is to set the direction and tone for an organisation. This may change over time and leaders must be flexible in their approach. It’s here that our colleagues’ work typically starts – with creating clarity and alignment at Senior Leadership Team level around an organisation’s purpose. By turning strategy in to a narrative that everyone understands, and can get behind, we help create the “vision”.

Having created the vision, we set about cascading this clear and compelling narrative, equipping first and second line managers with the tools they need to make it their own, and giving them clear guidelines as to exactly what they need to do to demonstrate their commitment to the organisation’s purpose. Leading by example, from the front, walking the talk – creating a culture where people are empowered, and given permission to do the right thing is never more important than now particularly if the current restrictions imposed on us by COVID-19 continue.

If you’d like to know more, please contact your Gallagher Public Sector and Education Client Director, who can introduce you to Gallagher Culture Change Consulting. In the meantime, and to pique your interest, we’ve set up a short 12 question survey for you to fill in. It’s designed to inspire thinking about the cultural ‘temperature’ in your organisation. We’ve kept it high level, and completely anonymous – and if there are enough responses, we’ll compile the output in to a themed report that we’ll share. It’ll take no more than 5 minutes to fill out, so grab a cup of tea, and thank you for taking part.

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