Gallagher today announces that a new Culture Change team has been created to join the Employee Benefits Consulting Division, UK.
Introducing the New Gallagher Culture Change Consulting Team 

The expertise of the team will further complement the range of solutions offered to deliver better performing Organisations, helping corporate clients make working life a better experience for all their people, inspiring them to deliver their personal and professional best and face their future with confidence.



The core focus of the team is working with leaders to

  • Set the tone for the change journey ahead with a clear and compelling narrative
  • Create a climate where their people are motivated, engaged and connected to the Organisation’s purpose
  • Simplify ways of working to enable a culture of collaboration and performance leadership
  • Identify the behaviours that are driving success and encourage leaders to rapidly replicate them across the Organisation
Sally Earnshaw, Managing Director , Gallagher’s Culture Change Consulting Team
“I am delighted with the opportunity that Gallagher presents for me and my team to bring our capabilities to the company and be part of a journey that helps Organisations be better and face their futures with confidence.”
Nick Burns , CEO, Gallagher’s Employee Benefit Consulting Division, UK
“The new team further broadens the range of solutions offered to Organisations to solve employee engagement and culture challenges both of which are crucial for ensuring talent attraction.”