At Gallagher, we pride ourselves on delivering a first class service, but you don’t have to take our word for it! Hear what Matt McTaggart their Financial Director has to say.
a good news story

“Croft Building and Conservation have been involved in the Repair and Conservation sector since 2002. Most of our work involves very close attention to detail because, in the main, we are working on historic buildings and have to conform to very tight conservation consents and regulations. Although we have always understood the need to carry the necessary insurance covers to protect both our own business and to protect our customers interests, we had never really interrogated the integrity of our cover arrangements in the same amount of detail that we would attach to one of our building projects.

As our business has expanded exponentially in the last few years and the projects we have undertaken have become larger, more complicated, of a higher calibre and expectations of our customer base has demanded closer scrutiny of the insurances we have in place, we required a multidisciplined insurance broker to ‘hold our hand’ and advise us on the many complex insurance-related queries we encounter. We were recommended Gallagher by our Commercial Banking Partner, Lloyds Bank and we decided to take up their offer to allow Gallagher to carry out a full review for us. Almost immediately after meeting Gallagher we came to realise the importance of having a Construction sector insurance specialist, with the necessary knowledge of contractual arrangements and policy covers. Gallagher have a specialist team that are able to advise us on individual contracts that we are entering into – their industry specialist is happy to go through the small print to ensure that we are not only protecting our business but, just as importantly, also delivering on our promises to our customers by ensuring that our cover is appropriate for everyone’s needs.

Gallagher were also able to provide us with comfort around our concerns about our cyber exposures.

Like most businesses we are aware that there is always someone out there waiting to capitalise on any shortcomings we may have in the way we manage our technology. We were introduced to Gallagher’s in-house cyber consultant and he quickly put us on the straight and narrow with a bespoke programme of training and practical solutions designed to protect us. This was a surprise added benefit of working with Gallagher.

After a full forensic review of our cover and premium costings, coupled with the added benefit of cyber and ongoing contract reviews, we decided that our business would be much better equipped on many levels by working with Gallagher as our brokers. We had been with our previous brokers for a long time and we thought making the decision to change would be difficult. But in the interests of ourselves and our customers it turned out to be a ‘no-brainer’. The switch wasn’t complicated either as Gallagher took control of the situation and made sure that the process was seamless. We have been very impressed with every aspect of the service from Gallagher. This extends from the timely manner our queries are dealt with to the exemplary advice we receive from their numerous insurance specialists. They are simply a safe pair of hands that we can entrust all of our insurance requirements.”