As we celebrate and recognise inclusion across GGB-UK as part of June’s Pride Awareness month, we’ll be bringing you LGBTQ colleague profiles who will share their diverse experiences as well as the steps and action everyone can take to ensure LGBTQ colleagues, clients and communities feel included every day.

Tell us about your role at Gallagher

I am an Underwriter with the Deacon business, which is part of UK Retail. I joined Deacon in 2008 and I started as business support got seconded to an Account Executive then a permanent position was made for me at the end of my secondment as an account executive and I moved into underwriting as an assistant 6/7 years ago and became an underwriter 4 years ago.

How has being involved with the LGBTQ community influenced your world view?

I have noticed that since I came out when I was 17 (back in 2001), that times have changed for the better. I felt back then, it was rare to openly meet a gay person. I used to attend a group called Freedom Youth so that I could meet other gay people in the Basingstoke area, whereas today, it is much more open. This is in part due to people not being as judgmental as they were several years ago and that is a good thing.

Why is Pride month important to celebrate?

Quite simply, it’s an opportunity to celebrate love and to celebrate life.

What actions can colleagues take to ensure their LGBTQ colleagues, clients and community feel included every day – not just during Pride month?

Treat everyone the same as just because people are different doesn’t mean they should be treated or excluded in anyway.