On 10th and 11th June our Culture, Organisational Wellbeing and Communication experts discussed how best to move beyond lockdown and the need to create a joint purpose and strategy whilst looking at employee needs.
Navigating Lockdown

In the sessions our experts uncovered:

  • How to navigate successfully through change – practical skills and tools to encourage new mind-sets, behaviours and ways of working in a rapidly changing context
  • The importance in reigniting employee engagement to drive productivity and support employee wellbeing in the current environment.


10th June Session:
Sally Earnshaw, Managing Director, Culture Change Consulting team

11th June Session:
Kevin McDougall - Director, Internal Communications
Francis Goss - Director, Organisational Wellbeing Consulting
Andy Macleod - People, Service & Excellence Director
Emma El-Hadidi - Director, Organisational Wellbeing Consulting

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