When interruption to your business happens due to a long-duration event such as a pandemic, severe weather or natural catastrophe, it can present numerous and complex issues. There are many ways Gallagher can help in times like these.
Business as usual

The knock-on effects of interruption to your business, regardless of the reason, can be far reaching and lead many businesses into challenging new territory. Gallagher is well positioned to support you with a range of consultancy services, from risk management to HR and internal communications consulting.

There’s a lot to suddenly think about when you have to make sudden and significant changes to your day-to-day working practices: client and supplier relationships; communication channels; employee health and wellbeing – the list goes on. Taking a ‘business as usual’ approach won’t necessarily come easily at first, but we want to do everything we can to help to achieve this so that your organisation and your people can continue to thrive.

Open for business

Firstly, we want to reassure you that we are very much open for business, and are even more committed to meeting our clients’ needs during difficult and uncertain times. We will do everything we reasonably can to find the right way of working with you, whether that’s to establish how best to continue with a planned meeting or business review, or to provide you with additional services you may suddenly find yourself needing such as risk management or employee health and wellbeing.

It’s good to talk

While we may not always be able to speak with you face to face, for example during an office shut-down, there are a number of communication channels and applications available, whether it’s for a structured meeting, a group conference call or an informal chat. We already use various effective audio and video conferencing services at Gallagher, so we’re in a good position to use those communication channels with our clients too. Remote working doesn’t need to feel remote.

Our range of consultancy services to help support your business and your people

Risk management services

Gallagher provides robust risk management and wellbeing strategies that can help you to mitigate or minimise the impact of business interruption for your organisation and your people.

Whether that’s reviewing key covers such as general liability insurance, management liability insurance, employers’ liability insurance, property/business interruption insurance and travel/accident insurance, or working with you to analyse your risk to see what specialist products you may need, if any, and then determining a suitable level of cover.

Employee health and wellbeing

Gallagher has one of the leading, full lifecycle employee benefit consultancies. We provide effective protection, healthcare and wellbeing strategies to support the physical and emotional wellbeing of your people. Our healthcare consultants and group risk consultants can advise on a range of benefits from private medical insurance to income protection

As well as being able to offer these consultancy services to businesses large and small, we can deliver advice on the more unusual challenges that your business and people may sometimes have to face. In the event of a pandemic, for example, you may need help with staff training for your business continuity plans, and advice on communication protocols and home working solutions that also focus on employee welfare.

Business reviews

When there’s a significant, ongoing event to deal with and prioritise, it can be tempting to put aside some of the ‘business as usual’ meetings and projects. But we are committed to supporting you, whatever is happening in world that may be impacting your business.

Companies of all sizes can be vulnerable, and during challenging and uncertain times, it’s even more important to have adequate support in place. We are here to help and can arrange a time convenient with you to set up a video conference for a business review discussion if circumstances don’t permit meeting face to face.


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