At Gallagher, our clients come first. As a partner to you and your business, we continue to closely monitor the impacts of Coronavirus (COVID-19) and we strive to ensure the health and safety of our collective employees, clients and communities.
Pat Gallagher

With more cases appearing globally and concern growing daily, we wanted to provide an update on our operations as well as share information that can help you navigate through the current uncertainty.

Gallagher has robust business continuity plans across all its businesses and locations relying on options such as working remotely and transferring work across offices and countries if required.

In the weeks ahead, we know that you will need Gallagher to support you, your businesses, and your customers, and we will be there. As with many organisations trying to reduce in-person meetings and travel, the way in which we provide support may look different. Our teams are using virtual meeting tools when appropriate, and we are limiting non-essential travel in accordance with health and safety guidelines. We will continue to be available to you and your business via phone, email and online wherever needed.

Despite these operational changes, our purpose remains the same. Gallagher is committed to delivering the insurance, risk management and consulting support you need.

Gallagher has experts around the world that are uniquely positioned to help you understand the potential impacts that COVID-19 could have in your industry. The latest and most up-to-date information is available on our
Pandemic Preparedness page, including links to resources, planning for contingencies, communicating with your employees, and employee benefits and HR policy guidance.

As a leader in the risk management business, Gallagher remains fully committed to supporting you and your company through these challenging times. We will share periodic updates about our operational decisions as the situation continues to unfold.

Thank you for trusting us with your business, and please reach out to your Gallagher team with any questions.

Pat Gallagher
Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer