The support we offer clients is tailored to their unique circumstances and how their business has been impacted by COVID-19.
COVID-19 Client Support
The first step is taking time to understand their priorities, which typically include:
  • Driving out cost and getting cash back into the business
  • Risk management; addressing operational change and evolving legislation
  • Continuity of insurance cover and policy compliance
The following case studies illustrate how we’ve changed the conversation with our clients and delivered what they need most during the crisis.

Every business has been impacted by the pandemic, all have made operational changes that will impact their risk profile and insurance programme and the vast majority will be experiencing financial pressure.

If you’d like to explore if the approach we’ve taken with our clients could benefit your business, please get in touch for a confidential conversation.

Medium to large sized construction business

Mix of continued operations, closed sites and project delays. Preserving cash flow is key whilst ensuring the health and safety of workers on operating sites.

  • Guidance for mothballed sites including insurance requirements and costs, security measures and how to get back up and running after the pandemic
  • Negotiation of return premiums for adjustable policies, including laid up vehicles and reduced wageroll, turnover and gross profit estimates
  • Contract reviews considering availability of insurance, entitlement to extensions of time, loss and/or expense and force majeure clauses
  • Expedition of claims payments generating cash income for the business
  • Guidance on risk assessments for key workers and advice on safer methods of working in order to adhere to social distancing measures e.g. introducing different shift patterns
  • Review of trade credit insurance options to protect cash-flow

Medium sized flooring distribution business

Business is currently unable to trade with all sites closed and 96% of staff furloughed. Focussed on reducing cost and preparing a return to work plan for employees.

  • Full spectrum of cost reduction options considered including return premiums to reflect pause in business activity and lower future estimates
  • Review of all policies, advising how to reduce total cost of risk
  • Claims defensibility training – pro-active preparation for potential spike in claims
  • Advice on how to close sites safely and protect them for an extended period of un-occupancy
  • Ensuring continuing insurance protection
  • Guidance on the safe return to the workplace. COVID-19 specific risk-assessments and safe reopening of sites including compliance with inspection regimes
  • Review and refinement of crisis and continuity plans considering lessons learned through COVID-19

Large logistics business

Experiencing higher demand than pre-COVID-19 due to role in food supply chain. Focussed on scaling up business whilst managing social distancing and health and safety priorities.

  • Key worker risk assessment validation
  • Frequent consultation about HSE (Health & Safety Executive), EA (Enivironment Agency) and public health guidance
  • Regular operational updates with the crisis team to determine what should be communicated to insurers to maintain adequate insurance coverage
  • Virtual claims review meetings with operations team
  • Review of renewal estimates to ensure they don’t overpay