COVID-19 has created an unprecedented disruption in business worldwide. Financial uncertainty, unpredictable working conditions and health concerns are building stress within the workforce, and impacting organisations’ futures. The connection between employee wellbeing and organisational wellbeing has never been more apparent - or more important.
COVID-19 Insights Report

Your people are your organisation’s greatest asset. Their wellbeing is at the centre of our approach; guiding our solutions and driving the insights we share. Gallagher Better WorksSM is founded on the concept that “the whole person comes to work each day.”

To help your people engage in their work and invest in your organisation’s success means investing in them with the right benefits, communications and culture that support their health, environment, financial security and career growth. With a people strategy rooted in the wellbeing of your people, your organisational wellbeing can thrive, even in times of uncertainty. Your workplace will work better and you can face the future with confidence.

Now more than ever, employers need timely insights as they try to navigate the multitude of issues arising from this global pandemic. A better response to COVID-19 starts here.

Our Gallagher Better Works COVID-19 Insights report is packed with insights and practical tips from Gallagher’s Organisational Wellbeing experts. We provide the lowdown on what you need to do now to help you face your future with confidence.

Gain insights to help you navigate to the new normal: from employee communication and workplace culture to physical, emotional, financial and social wellbeing.

Download our insights report to learn how to build a strategy that works for you, your organisation, and your people.

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