At this time of year we can experience a harsh drop in the mercury, catching many businesses off guard.
winter buildings

Now is the opportune time to check your commercial property is secured against winter weather. In this article, we offer a checklist to help ensure your building is weather resistant.


Check your roof for missing tiles, and look inside the roof while it’s raining for leaks that may need fixing. You should unclog the gutters and drains to make sure that all connections are draining properly and not cracked or split.

Walls, windows and paving

Examine the external walls of your property, as well as paving for areas where water collects and ensure that all windows and window sills aren’t draughty and are also waterproof.

Gas, heat and electric

Confirm that any gas flues cannot get blocked with snow and that the boiler is in good working order and that radiators have been bled recently. Any exposed pipes, boilers and water tanks should be lagged. If you have tenants then check that they know where the water and gas stop cocks and the electrical isolation switches are.

Is your property empty?

If your property is vacant then there will be a few extra steps required to ensure that you meet the criteria of your buildings insurance cover. Check your policy document for the exact requirements but generally, you’ll need to:

  • Either keep the heating on at a low heat all the time, or drain down the heating systems and turn off the gas supplies;
  • Have the property regularly inspected;
  • Open the loft hatch and cupboard doors to allow warm air to circulate;
  • Put extra insulation on exposed pipes and disconnect hose pipes from external taps;
  • Open the hatch to the loft to allow warmer air to circulate into the loft space; and
  • Make sure there are no dripping taps as these can freeze.

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