Jim Burke, Managing Director, tells his insurance story.
JA Burke breaks new ground

We have been involved in the Civil Engineering sector for over 25 years and we now consider ourselves to be a significant player as full service sub-contractors for groundworks, civil engineering and construction projects of all types.

The majority of our team are highly experienced and we pride ourselves on the quality of our workmanship. But when it comes to insurance we recognise that we need the support of a quality broker who can keep us up to speed with everything that we need to know in this highly technical and specialist field.

We have never been the sort of company that chops and changes brokers every year. On the contrary, we believe in long term business relationships because that continuity has served us well in all aspects of our commercial trading. But from time to time we will revisit the basis of our cover and the pricing that our insurers are applying. We recently went through this exercise with our insurances and we asked our bank if they could point us in the right direction in trying to find an alternative broker to conduct the exercise. Our Manager directed us to Gallagher Insurance brokers who are the recognised brokers for Lloyds across the country.

Our initial dealings were with Richard Grosvenor in their Birmingham office. The whole process was very professionally handled with no pressure applied for us to make the switch. Richard displayed confidence that the Gallagher proposition was a compelling one and he was right to do so. They put a small team of technicians on the job to scrutinise our existing covers to ensure that there were no gaps that we were not aware of – we are a growing business and it would be easy to inadvertently miss a trick while we are busy with our ‘day job’.

We know that the Construction sector is not within every insurer’s risk appetite and also that you need to know your subject in order to find your way around the Construction insurance marketplace. Gallagher are a big player and they are clearly well respected by Construction insurers.

Gallagher’s team impressed us with their knowledge and how they were able to use their buying power in order to get us a great deal that offered us better cover. We have found them easy to deal with and we are really pleased that we took the time to take our bank’s advice.

Gallagher did all of the work and we are delighted with the outcome. At J A Burke we are all about teamwork and it is great to have Gallagher as part of our business advice team from now on.

Jim Burke, Managing Director - J A Burke Ltd, 2020