Smarter organisations are focusing on the much wider, long-term goal of diversity & inclusion in their pay reporting and are already a step ahead by producing ethnicity reporting this year, in advance of likely government mandated reporting in 2021, to ensure they can more closely reflect the nation’s diversity.
Ethnicity Reporting

Ethnicity Reporting - be proactive

It’s fair to say that the inaugural gender pay gap reporting stirred up a hornet’s nest across all industry sectors and the same will no doubt happen for ethnicity pay gap reporting.

Most companies – the smarter ones – recognise they need to build on last year’s gender pay story and broaden their emphasis on all their employees, particularly their ethnic minority communities, to ensure they feel supported in a way that ensures opportunities are there for all to successfully advance their careers.

They are proactively running communications campaigns designed to encourage their employees to share their personal data – and, as a result of having enhanced ethnicity information, these organisations are proactively reviewing their recruitment and promotions practices, progress against diversity targets and considering development opportunities.

Long-term view

Smarter organisations know they can’t magic change for the better overnight. It’s about identifying the problem, articulating an action plan, with a long-term view of what steps need to be taken. They’re cognisant of the fact that in year one or year two, they might be able to talk about what they’re doing to reduce the ethnicity pay gap, but by years three and four they will need to see those metrics reflecting the interventions put in place.

As with Gender Pay Gap reporting, it is the identification of the issues that inform the statistics that provide the awareness of what needs to be done.

It could pay to get a head start on all of this now.

Total Reward Group can help you calculate your ethnicity pay metrics as well as help you understand your ethnicity pay landscape in more detail by providing explanation of potential reasons for the current gap.