Colin Walters, Financial Director of Summit Systems Ltd in Tamworth tells his story.
new customer for gallagher

We have been trading since 1989, manufacturing a wide range of plastics ancillary equipment. Our business activities now stretch into a wide area of industrial arenas and therefore it is important that we carry the right insurance to protect our business in all of the fields in which we are involved. We recently decided to look more deeply into our insurance covers as part of a periodic overview of our business operation and we invited Gallagher to take a look at our cover and pricing.

Like all sensible businesses, price is a very important consideration when looking at our insurance programme but, that said, we have always looked for value rather than simply looking for the cheapest. Protecting our business and the businesses of our customers and suppliers is the paramount consideration and we made this clear to Gallagher when agreeing their remit. Equally, we believe that our success is based on the quality of our service and our commitment to those with whom we work and we expect our partners to hold the same values. We made all of this clear to Gallagher from the outset.

We had heard good reports about Gallagher and their standing in the commercial sector, particularly Manufacturing.

Our first point of contact was with their front line sales executive, Richard Grosvenor – he explained that although Gallagher is one of the biggest brokers in the UK, they operate essentially as a local broker with a massive emphasis on their service proposition. We were quickly allocated to a personable and knowledgeable team who would look after us on a day-to-day basis if we appointed them as our brokers, which was important to us as we knew from the outset what we were signing up to. From then on the whole process went like clockwork and Gallagher was able to carry out their work in a very professional way behind the scenes so that they could produce their findings for our consideration.

We were very impressed with the outcome and decided to change over to them in advance of our renewal so that they could make the transition from our previous broker completely seamless. We were pleased to learn that Gallagher have its claims team within the branch in Birmingham rather than outsourcing as so many brokers seem to do these days. We had been wrestling with a Cyber claim for some time and Gallagher was able to get it settled off for us within weeks of their appointment, which was a good start to our new relationship – it could have been a coincidence of timing or it could have been helped by the fact that they have an ‘in house’ Cyber specialist team who were able to add their weight to the negotiation. To help us prevent any further Cyber issues, Gallagher suggested that we would benefit from additional training in this area, which they provide, that will give us IASME accreditation and protection for our business in the future.

We are very happy with our decision to appoint Gallagher and we look forward to working with them for the foreseeable future.

Colin Walters, Financial Director Summit Systems Ltd, 2020