Register for our webinar on 26 January 2022, when our specialist panel will consider the challenges in private healthcare in the post-COVID era.
Challenges in private healthcare in the post-COVID era

Our webinar will cover:

  • Patient volumes, Private Medical Insurers and self-pay
  • Virtual clinics in ophthalmology
  • Medical Practitioners Assurance Framework (MPAF) and its impact on practice
  • The Private Healthcare Information Network (PHIN) and you

Our speakers:

  • Richard Packard is President of AOOSIS and Chair of FIPO.
  • Robert Morris is a Board member of AOOSIS and a former Chief Medical Officer of Optegra, where he worked for 8 years.
  • Charlie Chan is a breast surgeon who was a clinical advisor to the Paterson Enquiry. He is a FIPO Board member and the AOOSIS representative advising the Independent Healthcare Providers' Network (IHPN) on their Medical Practitioners' Assurance Framework (MPAF) initiative.
  • Rosemary Hittinger is the Company Secretary of the Federation of Independent Practitioner Organisations (FIPO). She sits on FIPO's behalf on the Private Healthcare Information Network (PHIN) Implementation Committee.

The webinar is hosted in association with the Association of Ophthalmologists Specialist Indemnity Scheme Limited (AOOSIS), a membership organisation for UK ophthalmologists practising in the NHS and independent sectors.

The webinar will begin at 6.30pm – if you are unable to join us on the day please register and we will send you a link to watch ‘on demand’ at your convenience.