Financial Wellbeing

With UK redundancies raising to the highest level since 2009 and furloughing extended to the end of April 2021, more and more households are having to cope on lower incomes. Even if an individual has not themselves been impacted, their partner may have lost their job, leading to a reduction in household income.

Employees with low levels of financial wellbeing are prone to higher levels of mental stress, absenteeism and are more likely to struggle to thrive at work.

So, what steps can you take to support the financial wellbeing of your people?

Join Gallagher on Thursday 11th February at 3pm, where Francis Goss, Director, Organisational Wellbeing Consulting will be joined by HR leaders and a leading financial wellbeing academic to discuss:

  • What is financial wellbeing and why does it matters?
  • Practical ideas on how to support employee financial wellbeing
  • A brief overview of Gallagher’s new financial wellbeing tool, MoneyFit


Tracey Newton, Director Employee Experience, YBS
Katy Downes, Head of Reward, Biffa
Professor John Hoffmire, Research Centre Associate, Kellogg College, Oxford University
Chair: Francis Goss, Director, Organisational Wellbeing, Gallagher

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