John Parsons, FD of Bolt & Nut Manufacturing Ltd (specialist suppliers to a wide range of industry sectors) tells his insurance story
360 insurance approach

It has taken us several years of dedicated effort to turn our business into the success that it is today. It is a ‘statement of the obvious’ that we need to protect ourselves and our customers from any unforeseen event that could set us back from the position of strength that we have achieved. That is why we attach huge importance to our commercial insurance programme which sits at the heart of our defence mechanism. When I was approached by Richard Grosvenor (representing Gallagher), I decided that it was worth revisiting this important subject in order to check that we are fully protected.

Early in the process, Richard introduced us to a small team of his colleagues who carried out a full 360 degree review of our existing policies and it quickly became apparent that Gallagher were able to offer us a different core approach to the client – broker relationship. Particularly refreshing for me was their attention to areas of ‘uninsured covers’ where they were able to offer advice as to how these could be incorporated within our programme without incurring significant cost increases.

The wider business landscape is continually changing and as Business leaders we owe it to ourselves and our customers to continually adapt accordingly – what we hadn’t recognised was that we could use the vast resources of our broker to help us to meet this challenge.

The Gallagher team provided us with a clear plan as to how we could draw on their expertise, ranging from validation of our new COVID-19 H&S risk assessments to developing a Cyber training regime to protect us from attacks.

I can honestly say that the transition with Gallagher has been eye-opening and has added a new layer of professionalism to our approach to our business protection. Gallagher have delivered a comprehensive ‘long-term’ insurance deal when others in the market advised that it wasn’t possible. All of this has been achieved alongside substantial financial savings against the backdrop of a hardening insurance market and a global pandemic.

We entered into our original meeting with Gallagher with no great expectations but we are delighted that we have them working alongside us as we drive our business towards further growth and profitability.