Introducing our new interactive clickthrough guide.

Offering shares on a stock exchange, or “Going Public” as it’s known, can be an exciting milestone in the journey for any Company. But it’s also fraught with risks – be it shareholder litigation due to failure or increased regulatory scrutiny – and as such requires adequate insurance consideration.

In our new interactive document, we explore some of these risks and summarise a number of key facts relating to insuring a floatation, such as:

  • Risks to Directors, Officers, and the Company associated with an Initial Public Offering (IPO).
  • Impact of an IPO on the coverage available under the current D&O policy.
  • Insurance coverage options to address the risks specific to the IPO, together with the advantages and disadvantages associated with each approach.
  • A suggested timeline and process to obtain insurance to address these risks.
  • A number of claims examples.

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For even more information, you can watch our recent webinar IPO where we discuss:

  • The process of arranging cover for an IPO
  • Capital markets update from Nicholas Moore of Stifel Investment Banking
  • Directors’ & Officers’ Liability market conditions – what has driven the changes in the last two years and expectations for the year ahead
  • Guidance on the steps to follow to secure suitable coverage & terms from the insurance market

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