At Gallagher, we understand your love of classic cars and recognise the importance they hold. A policy you get from us can represent the true value of your car and can be tailored specifically for your needs.
classic car insurance

Here are some of the benefits available to you:

Agreed valuation

We can arrange specialist insurance policies which allow you to have an agreed value. This helps that in the event of a claim for total loss, you will be paid the certified value of the vehicle, less the policy excess.

Laid up cover

Protect your classic car in the event of accidental damage, or fire and theft, while your vehicle is off the road.

Limited mileage insurance

If your classic car is used for limited mileage only, depending upon the policy you purchase, you could access preferential rates. Limited mileage policies cover cars that do 1,500 miles or more per year.

Modified classic car insurance

We understand modifications to a classic car can occur during repair or restoration projects. Please inform us of any modifications to ensure we can provide you with like-for-like cover of your vehicle.

Multi-vehicle Insurance

If you have a collection of classic cars, we may be able to cover them all under a single policy. This may save you money when compared to buying individual policies for each of your cars.

Gallagher has been providing specialist insurance cover for high valued homes, contents, valuables and motor polices for many years. We are often able to package all of your insurance assets into a single annual premium and this may help reduce yearly spend. We also have an in-house dedicated Private Client claims team who would support you with any claims, should the unfortunate happen.

Tips to protect your classic

If you are the owner of a classic vehicle, the last thing you want to find is that your pride and joy has been stolen.

Classic vehicles can be vulnerable to theft, as many do not have the security features, like alarms or immobilisers that modern vehicles may have. Added to this is the fact that some classic cars, depending on the model/manufacturer/condition, can also be quite valuable.

There are of course a number of measures you can take to help reduce the chances of your classic being stolen.

Lock all doors

This is the most obvious and cheapest course of action. As well as the doors, remember to check that the boot is locked too and ensure the keys to your classic vehicle are then kept in a secure place like a home safe.

Think about where you keep your classic car

Some classic car owners keep their vehicles in a garage. If this is the case make sure the garage is securely locked and the keys kept in a safe place. If you don’t have the use of a garage and you have to park your pride and joy on a public road, consider keeping it under a cover and choose to park it somewhere that is safe and well lit.

Fit a locking security device

A cheap and easy solution is to fit a locking security device over the steering wheel of your classic car, every time you leave it unattended. As well as adding an extra level of security, it can be a very visible deterrent.

Window etching

Another low cost/low tech solution is to have the windows on your classic car etched, with its registration number, to make it harder to change a car’s identity. This may not suit everyone, as many classic car owners would not dream of deviating from the standard spec or appearance of their vehicle, but it may help to deter thieves.

Fit an alarm

If your classic car has an alarm, try to remember to use it and if it doesn’t have one, then consider getting one fitted. Today’s car alarms are more discrete looking and can be well hidden, so the appearance of your car isn’t spoilt but its protection can be improved.

Fit a tracker

Another form of security that is well worth considering is fitting a tracking device. Although there is never any absolute guarantee of success, there could be a far higher chance that your stolen classic might be found, if its journey can be tracked.

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