Cyber Security

Is your organisation technically tough enough?

In part two in our webinar series, we reveal a truly unique approach to Cyber Security. Where technology is now the business and working from home is the new normal, the firewall is in the hands of the user. How can business leaders navigate modern connected commerce with confidence?

It’s important for an organisation to know if their Cyber Security is operating at an “elite level” or how their IT security compares to “elite levels of Cyber Security”. In this webinar we will highlight what “elite” looks like and discuss a unique process that can assist an organisation to identify its vulnerabilities against the toughest controls.

You will see and learn;

  • Where the future of Cyber Security is heading
  • See the variance in basic Cyber Security Vs Elite Operators
  • How you can test your organisation against the most elite controls

Leading the presentation will be Johnty Mongan, Head of Cyber Risk Management, John Clarke, Cyber Risk Consultant and Jay Lucas, Technical Lead, Cyber Risk Management at Gallagher.

Our Panel:

Johnty Mongan, Head of Cyber Risk Management at Gallagher
John Clarke, Cyber Risk Consultant at Gallagher
Jay Lucas, Technical Lead, Cyber Risk Management at Gallagher


Panel discussion followed by audience Q&A


Part 2 - Thursday 22nd April 2021 at 10am

How to book your place:

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