Public Sector Insurance

The last year has seen a return of a hard market for some sectors, with rates increasing and the availability of coverage for some risks has reduced or even been removed. Any organisation looking to obtain quotations from the insurance market needs to understand what to expect when they next tender.

In this webinar, chaired by Paul Latham, we will look at the insurance market, considering the current trends and offering views on what to expect over the foreseeable future for any organisation funded by the public purse.

We will also be providing valuable comment on the recently issued Municipal Mutual Insurance (MMI) report and accounts which should be of interest to any creditor potentially liable to claw-back under the MMI Scheme of Arrangement.

  • Ramon Navarro from Gallagher’s Broking team will be looking at the general insurance market, offering comment on the current trends and highlighting some of the lines of coverage which may need particular focus to achieve value for money for insurance buyer.
  • Tim Devine, MD of Gallagher’s Public Sector, Education and Communities business, will look specifically at the Public Sector and Education market. Many in these sectors have encountered a challenging April renewal season. Tim will talk through what we have seen, why it happened, and what we may expect as 2021 develops.
  • James Keough from Gallagher’s Analytics team will finish the session with an actuary’s view on the recently issued report and accounts from MMI. James will be offering comment on the report and what this could mean for the scheme creditors.

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