Technology and Data

In our previous webinar we highlighted technology and data as one of five key areas for organisations to focus on to gain a competitive advantage. Many have had to change the way they utilise technology over the past year – whether hardware, software or online cloud-based systems – and those who have got it right are seeing the rewards.

But while technology has an increasing role to play in the operation and success of many businesses, it can also bring its own challenges. Organisations need to be aware of potential risks when stepping up their tech and data use – ensuring that technology is tested, updated and monitored, and data is securely stored and processed.

In this webinar we will explore data protection three years on from the implementation of GDPR (known from 1 January 2021 as the UK GDPR) and the business risks associated with data breaches. Our panellists will highlight practical steps on how businesses can work with data and technology in order to safely host, process and transfer data within their organisation as well as looking at ways to manage and mitigate cyber risk.

Joining us on this webinar is the founder and CEO of Sportable Technologies, Dugald MacDonald, who will be sharing how the company is using technology and data to transform the world of contact sports for players, teams and spectators.

Our panellists will discuss:

  • Advantages of increased use of technology for organisations
  • Risks associated with inappropriate technology/poor implementation
  • Auditing current tech and rolling out new tech across your organisation
  • UK GDPR compliance, data breaches and international transfer of data
  • Best practice for using data and technology safely and effectively

Who should attend?

Anyone involved with managing risk, technology and/or data in any organisation large or small, who wants to develop their teams, systems and processes.

Who will be speaking?

  • Sian Stephens, GDPR Corporate Associate, Payne Hicks Beach Solicitors
    Sian is an Associate at central London law firm, Payne Hicks Beach, recently voted number 4 in The Lawyer’s Hot 100. She has extensive expertise in data and UK GDPR compliance for businesses and has worked with companies in London and abroad in the technology space.
  • Dugald Macdonald, cofounder & CEO of Sportable Technologies Limited
    Dugald co-founded Sportable Technologies in 2015 to solve critical shortcomings in data collection in contact sports. Through cutting-edge products such as smart garments and the world’ first smart rugby ball, their real-time data opens up new forms of performance analysis while delivering game-changing insights to fans and officials.
  • Dominic Bonynge, Corporate Business Development Executive at Gallagher
    Joining Gallagher in 2020 after almost five years at Marsh, Dominic helps businesses manage and identify risks to their balance sheets. He understands how to support the growth journey of large organisations, in particular by helping to ensure key risks are minimised and designing a bespoke approach to all areas of risk management.
  • Amy Green, Corporate Business Development Executive at Gallagher
    Amy has spent her career focusing on how to deliver insurance solutions that solve problems and deliver value ensuring organisations are accessing insurance in the most cost effective way and de-risking business. She has worked as an underwriter for a major composite insurer and held roles within some of the world’s largest global brokers.


Tuesday 26th October, 10am-11am British Summer Time

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